5 Strange Ways You Will Probably Die

According to the Jamaican Journal of Medicine, s*x induced heart attacks are among he leading causes of death in males over 30. So, in all honesty, you should really just kill yourself after a certain age. Jamaican doctors report that dozens of n*ked men are daily rushed into emergency rooms with slight smiles on their faces.
A yoga craze has swept the nation, and as annoying women do hand stands in sport’s bra’s and post pictures on Instagram about it, they ignore the dangers of the ancient and douche-art of contorting one’s body.
According to the NASA Center of Yoga Research , yoga related deaths have increased 10-fold over the last 5 years. Perhaps as a blessing in disguise, yoga is inadvertently acting as a Darwinian filter to rid our species of those easily caught up in fads.
There has been a huge spike in Hippo-attack related deaths in the United States. Hippo’s have long been the leading cause of death (besides Bird Flu) in Africa, but now they have been seen in Lake Minnetonka, Lake Michigan, and in the beaches of Malibu. And where Hippos go, death soon follows.

                Ice Bucket Challenge

What started out as a noble gesture designed to raise money for ALS quickly went viral around the world, and by the end, even your grandmother was having a bucket of water dumped on her head.
Sadly, it also led to millions dying of pneumonia-related complications. The New England Journal of Ice Bucket Challenges estimates that 38% of those who performed the challenge got sick, and of those, at least half died.

The 21st century has seen a surge in medical graduation rates, and with that has come an alarming number of unprepared doctors from suspects schools like the Miami Art Institute, Harvard, DeVry and Stanford have joined the medical ranks. This has resulted in an escalating number of medical-negligence related deaths each year.


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