5 Most Terrifying Creatures Ever Found

The animal kingdom still holds some dark spots, and it is in the human nature to assume that monsters and strange creatures seek refuge there. With evidence piling up, it is impossible to dismiss all these cases as the result of optical illusions, elaborate hoaxes, or mass hysteria.
A dead body or some remains complicate the equation even further, as scientists hesitate to emit a verdict. It is also common for such evidence to disappear without a trace, seriously supporting the cover-up theories.
How would you react if what was until then a mythical creature is accepted by mainstream science? If Bigfoot is a giant ape with human intelligence, how ethical it is to hunt it down and study it in the name of science?.
Terrifying creatures like the ones presented in this article have good chances of adding new animals in our zoology books in the following years. To go even further with the idea, we might even find out that we are not alone in the Universe, and that someone has a particular interest in toying around with genetics. Strange hybrids are found all over the world, and the creepiest aspect is that some of them are part-human.
Is it all in our imagination? I don’t think so! A real monster inhabits your backyard.
5. Pope Lick Monster
The Pope Lick Monster is yet another American legend that has high chances of being based on something real. Part-man part-goat, the creature has only one thing in mind – to lure its victims and kill them in a savage way.
Most reports seem to indicate that the monster resides near a railroad trestle bridge over Pope Lick Creek, Kentucky. The Pope Lick Monster received wider attention when a movie based on the story was released.
 4. Piglet With Monkey’s Face
Call it the result of environmental pollution or a strange animal hybrid made possible by alien technology. The photos and even video prove this is not an elaborate hoax.
The piglet was born in the city of Ciego de Avila, Cuba, and managed to survive only four days. However, it was enough to make the owner rich and famous. We don’t know what happened to the body, but we have all reasons to believe a hoard of scientist rushed to get their hands on such an oddity.
3. Cohomo Monster
Cohomo is an abbreviation which comes from The Cole Hollow Road Monster. The creature belongs to the great Bigfoot family.
First sighted in 1972 in Tazewell County, Illinois, the Cohomo quickly became the worst nightmare of people driving at late hours.

         2. Alien Corpse in Thai Ceremony
Things get complicated when the bodies of strange creatures emerge in rural communities where religion and traditions have an important word to say.
This photo shows some villagers attending a traditional Buddhist burial ceremony. However, the body on the table is not human, or at least not entirely human.
                     1. Montauk Monster
The Montauk Monster was a recent addition to the world of cryptozoology.
The animal carcass was found washed ashore on a beach in Montauk, New York, in July 2008. There are many great quality photos taken of the monster, as well as the accounts of thousands of tourist and locals that saw the creature.
To make things even more disturbing, the body disappeared from the beach, fueling conspiracy theories involving a government cover-up.
However, scientists that examined photos of the monster dismissed the idea that this is a new animal to be added in the zoology books. A strange looking raccoon that was in the water for too long seems the most plausible explanation.
The Montauk Monster is not an isolated case, and the sea often grants strange looking creatures on beaches around the world.

Source: http://www.viraliq. com


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